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terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

Christafari - To The Foundation

Freedom Step (intro by Avion Blackman). mp3
Hunger & Starvation/Satisfy My Soul.mp3
Fear Not (feat. Avion Blackman).mp3
Never Give In (feat. Mr. Lynx).mp3
Eternal Reverberations.mp3
The Prodigal (feat. Ace Winn & Letitia Ugwueke).mp3
My Defender (feat. Avion Blackman).mp3
Taking Over (feat. Koen Duncan).mp3
To The Foundation (feat. Ace Winn).mp3
Be True (feat. 'Imisi & Avion Blackman).mp3
Nairobi (feat. Sheldon Blackman).mp3
Too Many Cannibals (feat. 'Imisi).mp3
Triumphal Entry (feat. Sherwin Gardner & Mr. Lynx).mp3

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