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segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

Hillsong United - The I Heart Revolution - With Hearts As One (CD 2)

Solution. mp3 (West Covina)

Tell The World.mp3 (New Jersey)

Take It All.mp3 (Beunos Aires)

Future Decided.mp3 (Encounterfest, Sydney)

Might To Save.mp3 (West Covina)

All I Need Is You.mp3 (Cape Town)

Nothing But The Blood / Hosanna.mp3 (New Jersey)

Shout Unto God.mp3 (New Jersey)

Your Name High.mp3 (Encounterfest, Sydney)

Salvation Is Here.mp3 (Toronto)

More Than Life.mp3 (West Covina)

None But Jesus.mp3 (Lakewood)

From The Inside Out.mp3 (Beunos Aires)

Be Lifted High.mp3 (Manilla)

Saviour King.mp3 (West Covina)

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